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Title: [EVENT] Register Your Clan And Get Clan lvl 8 & 15,000 CRP
Post by: Admin on March 29, 2018, 11:54:39 AM
Register your CLAN in ''Clans discussions'' section and recieve reward!

I want reward, what i need to do?

Create new topic  in ''Clans discussions'' section with this Info:

Clan leader name:
Clan name:
Clan alliance name:
Members (expected) :


Clan leader char name: Admin
Clan name: Fighters
Clan alliance name: FightAlly
Members (expected) : 17

Every registered Clan will recieve Clan lvl 8 and 15,000 Clan reputation points!
To get reward you must have minimum 15 players Online!

If you have any questions please contact admin.
Skype: l2neo.com