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Sunday 24:00
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MANGUS Successful Started! +EVENTS
Posted by L2neo

 Server successful started with 1000+ Online.  You have great chance be a server leader, so get ready and be the one of the first clans since first moment! We hope you will enjoy your stay here.


Voting Event at (April 14th - 21th):

April 7th - 14th players will get more Event Medals from Voting! 5 more than always! Don`t miss your chance!

Clan Online Event:

Event for CLANS, which have 15 or more players ONLINE! Contact with administrator and your Clan will recieve 10k CRP

Good luck in server


L2NEO Team

FRESH MANGUS X75 START ON 2014/03/21 18:00 +2GMT
Posted by L2neo
  Dear L2neo players, after many suggestions from our players we decide to wipe Mangus server.
All characters will be deleted and game starts from zero. This wipe will bring important fixs and updates for server and players, all updates players will see in update list and game.
It`s great chance for new players to start and for old, who got bored. We promise you a good and stable game!

Server Fresh START: 2014/03/21 18:00 +2GMT

You have great chance be a server leader, so get ready and be the one of the first clans since first moment! Be patient and use this time to advertise server Start Date!


•Smallest Donation/Event Shop list
•Buyable profesions 1- 25k / 2- 100k / 3- 1kk
•24+4 Buff slot.
•Jewelry max enchant +8

•XP/SP- x75 | Aden - x50 | Drop - x25 | Spoil - x25 | Quest reward - x10 | Drop x5 | Party x1.3
•Enchant max +16 | Simple: 50% | Bless: 55% 
•Reworked gmshop
•Weight limit decrease from x1000 to x15

And mutch more, all updates players will see in game. 

Until server Fresh start we decided to make ADVERTISEMENT EVENT.

Event Prizes:

First Place: 150 Donate Medals.

Second Place: 100 Donate Medals.

Third Place: 50 Donate Medals.

About Event:

1. You must advertise our server Start Date whatever you whant in forums,social networks, skype, even in public it depends on your imagination.
2. In Advertisment text must be our website: http://www.L2neo.com and Info about server Start Date.
3. After you make advertisments you have to post evidence (links to avdertisment, screenshot, photo or other, it depends how you advertise server)
in our special forum board called Advertisement Event (Link: http://L2neo.com/forum/ ).

You must create new topic in this board with this form:
Link to your evidence (forum, screenshoot, photo or whatever evidence link)

P.S. You can advertise as much as you want, more you advertise more chanses to win you have!

EVENT ENDS 2014-03-23 21:00 +2GMT


Shout from 40lvl.
For now RaidBoss drop can puckup like retail (Lasthit player for 15sec).
Buy / Sell exploit fixed.
Some changes mmocore. (For players who cant connect.)
For now if you buy nobles from donate shop you will get NOBLES TIARA.
Fixed bug with varka/ketra about summon taking aggro by monster.
Fixed summoners skills.
Fixed some errors server side. 
Fixed karma drop. Last hit can pickup drop.
Skill angelic icon fixed.
Fixed buffer. Antiflood protection.
Some fix in geodata.
Some change skill land rate.
Daimons altar fixed.
Zaken (Only can enter when zaken live).

Good luck!
L2Neo Team.